We are responsible when it comes to protecting our precious eco-systems. Our best interests lie in looking after your families, employees and customers. Our passion is pest control. If you have a pest concern, do not hesitate to contact us for personalised professional advice.

We believe in a country as environmentally diverse as Australia, it's important to provide pest control solutions that are both ecologically responsible and effective in maintaining a safe and healthy environment. 

We at Termi-Nett pride ourselves in providing customised solutions to fit our client's needs. Too often with Larger companies, especially national ones, you may be just a number or statistic. Very little time is taken to adequately understand, assess, and thoroughly meet the customer's needs.


Termi-Nett always ensure we're kept up to date with the latest pest prevention treatments and will treat your property with nothing less than the highest quality, and safest pest protection treatments available. 


Pre-purchase inspections, pest removal and elimination, and on-going management, for residential, commercial, and industrial properties are our specialty. With over 15 years experience in South East Queensland, we've conquered all manner of customer concerns, treating hotels, high rise buildings, restaurants, cafes, homes, warehouses, factories, cars, trains and even planes!