Ant Control

Ants are well known for entering homes and yard areas in large numbers. Some can cause harm to you and your family and inflict a nasty bite.

Pest-Nett's ant control strategies will prevent armies of ants entering your property. We'll inspect, treat and bait to ensure that your investments are protected from potential damage.


Black house ants are a major pest in Brisbane and DIY control can be difficult. A professional treatment can rid your premises of Ants by baiting, liquid sprays and dusts that the Ants transfer throughout the colony for total Ant elimination. Sometimes due to a high-level ant activity more than one treatment may be required which the technician will advise. 

We know how to get rid of ants by identifying what type of ants are causing the problem and treat them at the source - where they live.

Our treatments are safe for you, your family and pets​.

You can find more information about ant control in our blog.

If you're concerned about ants at your home or business, contact us today on 3206 6721