You may hate cockroaches, but do you know why they're the most loathed pest?

Termi Nett / Pest-Nett, Brisbane's pest control specialists, know why cockroaches are considered one of the most hated pests in the world and how to control them. Ready to find out why? Cockroaches are known to spread disease-causing bacteria as well as causing asthma and respiratory problems and the stigma associated with cockroaches and unsanitary conditions. Every property is at risk of cockroach infestation but there are ways to limit cockroach activity by removing any food sources a scrap of food is a mountain of food to a cockroach, remove water they need water to survive, removing water will help to break the lifecycle, remove their shelter by sealing any gaps, cracks & crevices this will also limit any access points. Due to the breeding cycle of cockroaches (faster than rabbits) the best way to take control is to call a professional and licenced pest man as they have greater experience, knowledge and a arsenal of tools and pesticides to keep your premises cockroach free. ​​

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