Pestered by Rodents

It's winter and rodents (rats and mice) have become increasingly active throughout residential and commercial buildings. There are numerous reasons why you want be rid of these pests: They're Disease carriers Rodents are known to transmit up to 35 different diseases, more commonly Leptospirosis and Typhus.

They cause physical damage Rats and mice continually gnaw on items such as plaster board, timber framing, pvc water piping, and electrical wiring, both in buildings and vehicles. This has been know to lead to fires.

They induce phobias A fear of rodents is common and even those who do not have phobias things that go bump in the night can at least be quite annoying.

A common rule is; mice sound like rats, rats sound like possums, possums sound like elephants, (it's best not to know what elephants sound like in your roof void.)

Whether you have rodents, or what sounds like elephants in your house, we have a solution to eradicate and control these pests. Your peace of mind is only a phone call away.

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