I've found termites! What do I do?

Termite infestations are often found by accident; putting your hand through a door or window trim, or even by putting the vacuum through a skirting board. The first thing to do when you discover termites is: Don't panic and DO NOT disturb them any further! Upon discovering termites in your home, we can assure you, they've already been in your home for some time. Waiting a day or two for the problem to be inspected and treated provides a better chance for a termite professional to successfully handle your concern rather than attempting to slow their progress or temporarily treat termites yourself. The potential for additional damage caused over an additional 24 - 48 hour period is minimal. Too often when people discover they have termites they will spray them with a product like Baygon or Mortein. This is the worst thing you can do, as these pesticides do not target the termite nest, colony, or queen, thus making a professional treatment much more difficult and less successful. Best results are achieved with a detailed inspection and a treatment with a quality termiticide.

Pest-nett uses Termidor, the industry's leading termiticide when treating termites. We recommend you call us as soon as you've discovered a termite problem on your premises. Our team of experts is swift to respond to ensure you receive the best termite treatment available.

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