Bird Control

Problems with birds?

Problems with birds?

When you hear the word “pests,” rarely do you think of birds. But when birds invade your property, they can prove to be a big nuisance and can cause as much damage as more obvious pests. Pest birds, droppings and nesting material cause tens of millions of dollars in property damage every year and can contribute to respiratory ailments, viral infections and food poisoning; and worst of all is the mess they make!

Bird droppings contain high levels of nitrogen and can grow fungus. This fungus releases spores into the air that can pass the disease to humans once inhaled. In fact, research has found more than 60 transmittable bird-borne diseases and dangerous parasitic organisms that can be fatal to some people and cause others to fall ill.

broken bird egg

So what simple things can you do to prevent birds nesting on your property? Remove food scraps from around your property, Install vent covers and use perch repellents. Any garbage laying around is an attractant for the scavenger birds you're trying to eradicate. One of the most common bird-roosting deterrents—bird-control strips, commonly referred to as "porcupine wire" or "bird spikes"—is relatively inexpensive and easy to install, and eliminates the ugly mess and deterioration that roosting birds can bring.

Bird netting is a good choice for access control. If you have an open warehouse, a building, or an overhang where birds get up into the rafters and beams, bird netting is an effective, economical choice. Help keep birds away by placing visual bird repellants, or plastic predators, such as hawks, owls, snakes or coyotes, on your porch or around your yard. Birds will tend to avoid the plastic predators. But remember to move the plastic predators around periodically or birds will grow used to them.

What if that doesn't work?

We offer a pigeon and other bird control service that places the highest priority on safe and humane treatment of all birds. In fact, our ozone treatment focuses on non-lethal bird deterrence, harassment and removal. We use Active Oxy to provide a clean, cost-effective way to remove bird populations and ensure they don't return. Ozone is a 100% chemical-free solution that provides proven, cost-effective bird control and highly effective sanitisation of fungus and bacteria in food environments.

Active Oxy provides a clean, cost-effective way to remove bird populations and ensure they don't return. Active Oxy is suitable for use in the following areas:

  • Supermarkets

  • Food storage

  • Processing facilities

  • Airports

  • Ports

  • Milking shed

  • Animal housing areas

  • Seed storage facilities

  • Farm buildings

Why Use Pest-Nett's Ozone Treatment?

  • Ozone is approved to be used in food preparation and sanitisation in Australia

  • These systems are self monitored and smart technology capable.

  • There is no danger to human beings working in the treated areas.

  • Birds will leave treated areas and not return.

  • Long lasting performance.

  • The Active Oxy System is relatively small, and un-invasive.

To learn more about our Active Oxy bird control systems or about any of the other great benefits Active Oxy can have your business, call us on 3206-6721 today.

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