Termite control shouldn't be a DIY job, it's best left to professionals who have the tools, equipment  and knowledge for controlling the pests. 

Termites (White Ants) can wreak havoc on your home, causing structural damage leaving behind exorbitant repair costs. Frequent inspections are integral to minimising damage and limiting repair costs.


Termite inspections usually take about ninety minutes (depending on size of the structure).


Australian Standard 3660.2-2002 states that a regular Inspection should be carried out annually.


In locations where subterranean termites are present, reports show that 1 in 3 homes are attacked. These attacks cause more economic loss than all natural disasters combined.


Termites live in colonies numbering from a few hundred to millions depending on the species.

Signs that you may have Termites

-Mud trails leading up walls.

-Blistering paint on door and window frames.

-Damp areas or moisture stains on walls.

-Faint chewing noises in the wall cavity.

-Accumulation of mud in the joins of window and door architraves.

Termi-Nett have the latest termite detection tools including the Termatrac T3i which can detect and track termites with radar, thermal sensors and moisture sensors.


We also carry Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras which are highly sensitive and ideal for detecting subtle thermal differences.


Termi-Nett same day Termite Inspection Reports come with colour photographs indicating termite activity and are available via email post inspection.

Termi-Nett are Termidor and Termior HE Accredited Installers watch the videos to see why you should consider using a Termidor Accredited Installer


FREE On-Site Quote

To assess the situation correctly, make the most suitable recommendations and cost the termite treatment proposal correctly, it is important we visit the property.

Identifying the nature of the termite attack, the species present, the entry points, the type of construction the yard and any environmental factors contributing to the termite attack, all contribute to influencing our recommendations, treatment options and pricing.

We will provide a professional quote that we can stand by to eliminate the active termites and protect your home (with no hidden costs). Our customers love this certainty and being on site to provide the quote allows us to answer any questions you may have – all part of the FREE On-site, obligation free quote.